Sara Björnsdóttir born 1962


1996-1997 MA Fine art, Chelsea College of Art  & Design London UK.

1991-1995 BA Combined media, The Icelandic College of Art & Crafts Reykjavík Iceland.

Solo exhibitions

2016 Flaneur, Kópavogur Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2015 Between the lines,  Galerie Herhold Bremen Germany.

2014 Nono Lisa, The Shed, art gallery, Reykjavík Iceland.

2012 HA, Reykjavík Art Museum, Harbour Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

2010 Es ist nicht die kunst die stinkt es ist die galerie. Kulturpalast Wedding International Berlin

2010 Concrete realism, Gallery Hallway Reykjavík Iceland.

2009 Exhibition window in Reykjavik Iceland.

2008 Intoxication, Gallery August, Reykjavík Iceland.

2007 Intoxication, Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin Germany.

2007 Salem lights, Gallery Dwarf, Reykjavík Iceland.

2006 And then comes spring, gallery FUGL, Reykjavík Iceland.

2006 The cave behind the forehead, gallery Kling & bang, Reykjavík Iceland.

2004 I love your feelings, ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

2004 Throw, 02 gallery, Akureyri north Iceland.

2003 Confusing space, National Gallery of Iceland.

2002 Upside down inside out, Galerie Herold, Bremen Germany.

2001 Flying saucers, Gallery Skuggi, Reykjavík Iceland.

1999 The part of beauty, Café Mokka, Reykjavík Iceland.              

1999 Meditation on art, Reykjavík Iceland.    

1999 The depression of the true artist, Reykjavík Iceland.

1995 Sculptures, Café Mokka, Reykjavík.

Selected group exhibitions

2021 VANREYBER, Berlin Germany

2021 Iðustreymi, LÁ Art Museum Hvergerði Iceland.

2021 Unarmed, Reykjanes Art Museum, Iceland.

2019 The Shed, Reykjavík Iceland.

2018 Mrs. Benn shop exhibition. London Uk.

2018 It’s Happening Now. London Uk.

2018 To Make Art Happen, London UK.

2017 Briturn, Brno Czech Republic.

2017 Rolling snowball. Djupivogur east Iceland.

2015 Gullkistan Centre for creativity, 20 years.  LA Art Museum Hveragerdi Iceland.

2015 Staubfanger II, Kulturhuset Varberg Sweden.

2015 Morphing The Nordic House Reykjavík Iceland. 

2014 Staubfanger, Galerie Plan.d Dusseldorf Germany.

2014 Heavy rotation, Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin Germany.

2012 Doppelganger, Galerie Plan.d Dusseldorf Germany.

2012 Cyborg Kópavogur Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2011 (In)visible, Kópavogur Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2011 Exhibition in a lighthouse in Iceland.

2011 Alternative Routes, Video festival Liverpool UK

2011 Confessions, National Art Gallery Thorshvan Faroe Islands

2010 Alternative Routes video festival Porto, Portugal.

2010 Gallery 002, Hafnarfjordur Iceland

2010 Following people and drinking milk.  Hafnarborg Art Museum, Hafnarfjodur Iceland.

2010 Alternative Routes,video festival. Musuem of Modern Art,  Debrecen Hungary.

2010 Passionate art.  Gerduberg Reykjavík Iceland.

2010 Aknowledging knowledge. LA Art Museum, Hveragerdi Iceland.

2010 Reindeerland east Iceland.

2009 Weather-tight. Reykjavík Iceland.

2009 Cityoneminutes, international one minute video project originated in Sweden.

2009 Possibilities, Reykjavík Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

2008 Cirkus, Frieze art fair London UK.

2008 Journey, Reykjavík Art Festival Egilsstadir east Iceland.

2008 Aurora Borealis magnetism and light, Bremen Germany.

2007 Alas nature, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík Iceland.

2007 Moving Images 2007, Icelandic video screening, Beijing China

2007 Borderline,Icelandic videos at the film archive Auckland, New Zealand.

2007 The worlds end, Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin Germany.

2006 Art & ideas, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay Vancouver Island, Canada.

2006 Reykjavík Art Festival, gallery i8, Reykjavík Iceland.

2006 In order of appearance, Living Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2006 The supremes, Gallery 100% Reykjavík Iceland.

2006 Gods chosen nation, gallery Kling & Bang, Reykjavík Iceland.

2005 Content-the handbag in contemporary art, Gallery 3 Stockholm Sweden.

2005 New Icelandic art, Moving Centres. National Gallery of Iceland Reykjavík Iceland.

2003 Ecca femina, Reykjavík Art Museum Iceland.

2003 A flock, Vishal, Haarlem Holland.

2003 House, Project space, Dublin Ireland.

2002 River run,  international exhibition on a rooftop, London.

2002 Hvalreki,  Iceland.

2002 Icelandic art 1980-2000,  National gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland.

2002 My body is over the ocean, Almalov museum of exp. and Sweden.

2001-03 Ferdafuda, Travel exhibition Iceland.

2001 Fia.caracas púplíca.2001. International art exhibition, Caracas, Venezuela.

2000 Sovereignty, Kópavogur Art Museum, Iceland.

2000    Open/Closed, Gallery@Hlemmur,  Reykjavík Iceland.

2000 The cliché is the ultimate expression, The Living Art Museum Reykjavík. 

2000 The best bus stop, Folklore, Bus terminal, Reykjavík Iceland.

2000 Food art, Bergen culture city of Europe 2000, Norway  

2000 Lust/Orgasm, Akureyri Art Museum, north Iceland.

1999 Coffee time, book show, The Crowbar, Clerkenwell London UK.                      

1999 Land, Municipal Art Museum, Selfoss south Iceland.      

1999 dzt….., Art event at the National theatre Reykjavík Iceland.

1998 Adhocracy, Galerie Herold, Bremen Germany.

1998 Supplement d´art, Saint Etienne France.                                                           

1998 MOMENTUM,  Nordic biennial of contemporary art, Moss Norway.   

1998 In the flesh, The Living Art Museum Reykjavik Iceland.

1998 Akureyri Art Museum, north Iceland.

1996 Hooks, Gallery Greip Reykjavík Iceland .           

1995 The Nordic house Reykjavík Iceland.

1995 Sataana perkele, The Living Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.


2017 Briturn, Brnó Check Republic.

2016 A! Performance festival, Akureyri Art Museum Iceland.

2015 Performance for an other artists film work Reykjavík.

2013 The Living Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2012 Intelligence of love is here, Gallery Plan.d, Dusseldorf Germany.

2012 Insignificant event with a sparkler and a 100 year old painting, Artíma gallery, Reykjavík

2011 Waiting for Simone, RIFF Reykajvík International Film Festival, Reykjavík Iceland.

2011 Impending presence.  Artists theatre, Reykjavík Iceland.

2010 Waiting for the shadow of the wind. Performance evening in Reykjavík Iceland.

2008 Black Icelander. Kling & Bang gallery at Frieze art fair London UK.

2008 Sahara, The Living Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2007 Enlightenment, Galerie Crystal Ball, Berlin Germany.

2007 Enlightenment , Gallery Dwarf, Reykjavík Iceland.

2007 Cultural weed, The Nordic house Reykjavík Iceland.

2005 Strange things, The Living Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2001 Embrace, Gallery Skuggi Reykjavík Iceland.

2001 Embrace, Fia.caracas púplíca.2001 International art exhibition, Caracas Venezuela.

2000 Noise, Kopavogur Art Museum Reykjavík Iceland.

2000 Private performance, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

2000 Folklore.  Bus stop exhibition, Reykjavík Iceland.

1999 The Icelandic performance. Municipal Art Museum, Selfoss south Iceland.

1999 Meditation on art. Reykjavík Iceland.

1999 Give art a kick. Gallery@Hlemmur, Reykjavík Iceland.

1999 The part of beauty, Café Mokka Reykjavík Iceland.

1998 Reykjavík Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

1996 Duel. Art event at theatre basement, National theatre Reykjavík Iceland.

1996 Leeches,  i8 gallery, Reykjavík Iceland.

1995 Art or death. The Nordic house, Reykjavík Iceland.

1995 The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

1994 The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík Iceland.

Awards and premiums

2010 Alternative Routes, international video festival, video prize.

2002 Erró award, Guðmunda S. Kristinsdóttir fund. Award appointed to young female artists in Iceland.

2001 Annual Dungal memorial fund. A premium appointed to young artists in Iceland.


LÁ Art Museum.

Reykjavík Art Museum.

National Gallery of Iceland.

Dungal Memorial Fund, Reykjavík Iceland.


2012 Icelandic Artists Association (IAA) residency in Berlin Germany.

2003 Hordaland Kunstnersenter, Bergen Norway.

1999 Nifca studios, Suomenlinna, Helsinki Finland


2013 Part time teacher at the Iceland Academy of the arts.

Course teacher at The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts.

2012-2014    Part time teacher at The Reykjavík School of Visual Art.

2000-2006    Part-time teacher at the Iceland Academy of the Arts Reykjavík.


2017-2018 Curator and organiser of The Art Society. Two international exhibitions in London UK.