Sara Björnsdóttir lives and works in Iceland. She studied at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts from 1991-1995 and received her MA from Chelsea College of Art & Design, London 1996-1997.  Since her graduation she has taken part in various group exhibitions as well as having numerous solo exhibitions in Iceland and abroad; see CV.                                                                                                                  

During this time I have worked with performance, video, photography, sound, works on paper and objects, using any media that seems most able to convey the idea behind each work. The work and my feeling for art are constantly evolving as my awareness of the audience and my environment develops, making me ever interested and determined to progress. Today my greatest interest is making site-specific works in video or whichever media that the space calls for. I like to work with space in different places and different environments, as well as stretching my own potential as an artist, this way I can better connect the viewer to the work; if the work is about the place in which the viewer is standing I can change their sense for their environment and even themselves for a moment. I feel that this kind of art has relevance with people today. To work with or draw out an almost invisible beauty in the environment makes art interesting to me. People, society and the strange things that surround us is my raw material for art. It’s not always visible but is for me some kind of magic.